Our Staff

Interim Director

Casey Reed

Interim Principal

Theresa Bell

Office Manager

Margaret Pfarr

Office Assistant

Emily Seger


Diana Hooker

Pre-Primary Teachers

PP1: Kim Kimmons and Michelle Meder
PP2: Emily Broderick and Casey Reed
PP3: Theresa Bell and Megan Kelly

More Montessori

Jeanne Berter and Jessica Berter

Junior Teachers

North: Mike Flohr and Lela Groene

South: Diane Gersten and Liz Walsh

Senior Teachers

Dana Dale and John Phenix
Educational Assistant: Sharon Bole

Specials Teachers

Naturalist: Veronica Brannen
Fitness, Health & Wellness:
Andrew Gillespie
Music: Gina Jasinoski
Spanish: Blanca Mosconi
Technology Use, Keyboarding and Research: Tim Keppler

Early Bird and Aftercare

Early Bird: Sharon Bole

Aftercare: Jeanne Berter
Aftercare Assistant: Jessica Berter

Learning Support Services

Intervention Specialist: Andrew Gillespie
Speech Language Pathologist:
Laura Detzel
Reading Tutor: Barbara Morrisroe
Occupational Therapist: Melanie Higgins