Montessori education, why every child deserves to learn in this way

What do you remember about your education growing up?  What great information did your retain in your learning? Are there teachers or experiences that inspired you?    Think about the classes that challenged you in more than one way.  You felt stretched mentally, the learning was impressionistic through action, and your heart felt full with an incredible joy of learning.    This is what Montessori Education provides at every level.   Montessori is a well researched in how children learn best at all ages.

There are three areas that stand out most about a Montessori education and why it works so well –

  • Montessori embraces the head, hand and heart with a rigorous curriculum, significant hands-on lesson that are so impressionistic in their process, new knowledge and understanding are continuously sparked, not a drill and kill or fill and empty of the mind experience.
  • The Montessori students develop strong self-confidence, excellent problem solving skills, an ability to communicate orally and in writing as well as an ability to work independently and collaborate with others.
  • The Montessori multiage classroom allows children to transition every three years rather than yearly.  The Montessori curriculum is expansive to meet specific needs of learners accelerated or at a slower pace based on how individuals learn best.  Learning is not a one size fits all.   Students are furthered motivated by those around them who are working on different levels.  Students have time to grasp routines and procedures over three years as they cultivate their leadership abilities in their classroom community before moving to a new level.

Every child deserves to learn in a Montessori manner cultivating abilities and a love of learning that he/she will hold always.